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Hrithik Roshan!


Starting off a child artist, and a dream debut with Kaho Na Pyaar Hai that catapulted him into stardom, Hrithik hit the ground running. With a hot toned muscled body, talent and his chiselled looks you would think his career would be smooth sailing. It was anything but smooth.

Post his fantastic debut, his next few releases did not work at all but he persisted doing great work and as they say persistence pays off. He has seen the lowest points in his career when his movies stopped working and he has also delivered back to back blockbusters. He married this childhood sweetheart and also went through a heart wrenching split of their 17 years old relation and 14 years long marriage. But all of his ups and downs in life has only made him a better person. He remains down to earth, positive, kind, energetic and full of life.

While shooting for his biggest blockbuster Bang Bang Hrithik underwent a successful brain surgery to remove a clot that developed from ?head injuries? suffered during filming of ?Bang Bang?. Before going for surgery, Hrithik had tweeted, ?Minor brain surgery to remove blood clot? Should be rock n rolling by evening! U guys have a great day too! Supersonic!! Such is his level of optimism and zest for life. Despite his marriage falling apart and a busy schedule Hrithik Roshan remains a devoted father. He is often spotted taking his sons on vacations and outings.

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