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Jazbaa-Robert Zemeckis in fact covers all that

Robert Zemeckis in fact covers all that, including his attempts to get to the top of the heavily guarded towers to pitch his wire for the feat, albeit with the help of his lady love (Charlotte Le Bon) and other assorted team members. While the Oscar winning documentary ‘Man on Wire’ was an amazing documentary it did not have footage of the original act to go with it. So it was up to Robert Zemeckis to equal the feat with cinematic accessories. And he does that with great majesty. Unfortunately the story telling device employed- a first person account with Petit atop the Statue of Liberty, sprouting forth bombastically about his great achievement, is a little belittling to the overall engagement.

The acting is solid, if not exactly extraordinary. And the Imax heightens the dread and the perception to incredible heights. CGI is also quite majestic. This is simply note-worthy entertainment brought about by the best technicians in the business of cinema.

Director: Robert Zemeckis
Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Charlotte Le Bon

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