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financial technology-financial business are changing every day

financial technology

The ways we make purchases and conduct our financial business are changing every day and will continue to change perpetually as technology evolves.

To better understand some of the top fintech trends ahead, we sat down with Il Sun Yoo, director of data engineering at Capital One — a company long known for its data-driven pioneering moves in financial services.

LPL Financial serves the unique business needs of over 12,000 financial advisors with unbiased research and nonproprietary products.

Apple reported $75.9 billion in revenue in Q1 2016, but iPhone sales, at approximately 75 million units, were flat compared with a year ago.

With global financial markets on a mostly downward roller-coaster ride this year, the Federal Reserve is unlikely to raise a key interest rate again when it wraps up its first monetary policy meeting of 2016 on Wednesday. Instead, central bank officials will try to pack any concerns.

Facebook Groups financial

Facebook Groups are often set up by fans of a brand, as is the case with the extremely popular Coke bottle Groups that exclaim how much better a bottle is than a can.

Groups are much faster and easier to create than Pages, which is why many fans are quick to set them up, but they also offer less functionality.
Most of your Facebook marketing efforts should stem from a Facebook Page; Pages are the official channel for brands to reach consumers, as determined by Facebook. Overall, they offer more functionality and
better opportunities to interact with members.

The most important element of designing a Facebook application is to build social activity directly into the fabric of the application. Don’t add on sharing functionality as an afterthought. Figure out what existing
social behaviors your target users are performing on Facebook, and use your application to facilitate them.
Minimize the time it takes a user to get value out of your application. Reduce, simplify, and clarify your application so that the experience of using it is as intuitive as possible, and make sure people are being
social with your application.
Facebook application development is an ongoing process, and you should strive for the iterative development goals of release early and release often. Think about your application as a constantly improving
work in progress.

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