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Hosting Advertising-Making Money

Hosting Advertising Making Money

Hosting packages Advertising

CPC—cost per click—advertising is one of the most common ways to make money by accepting ads on your site. With CPC, an advertiser pays a fee when someone clicks its link on your site, and you get a portion of that fee. CPC ads are mostly (although they don’t have to be) text-only. While CPC is most commonly associated with advertising using programs such as AdWords, the concept of CPC is fundamental to both searchbased AdWords and content hosted via programs such as Google AdSense.The idea of making ads contextual—that is, relevant to the content of the web page.
near the ad—is closely bound with CPC advertising. CPC ads that are contextual are much more effective, and generate more revenue for a site owner, than ads that are not contextual. But it is worth bearing in mind that you can have CPC ads that are not contextual, and conversely, contextual ads that pay on some other basis than CPC.
most sites are created to fulfill multiple needs and use a variety of mechanisms to generate income. But if your only consideration is creating revenue using a contextual CPC model, you should consider whether it makes more sense to get to 100,000 page views and beyond by creating relatively fewer heavily visited pages—the shallow-site approach—or a great many less trafficked pages—the broad-site approach. Putting the same question in a slightly different way: is it better to draw niche
traffic, which may be worth more because it is highly targeted, or general traffic, which is likely to be less categorizable and therefore less valuable. The answer may, of course, depend on the niche you target.
If you take the broad-site approach, then you’ll need to figure out a low-cost way to generate the content. The calculation that shows a $400 monthly revenue for a 10,000-page site—a broad site that is not heavily trafficked—implies a revenue stream of about $0.50 per page per year. For this to make sense as a business proposition, it can’t cost you very much to generate this content.

Money by hosting multiple domain names

The way web servers work, one folder is designated as the folder that is open to the Internet. This folder is called the Document Root. All files and folders in the document root are accessible to the Internet. Everything outside of that folder is protected from view by anyone online.
Each domain and subdomain in your hosting plan has its own document root.
This is the highest level of folder that the Internet can see for that domain or subdomain.
The document roots for each domain or subdomain are found inside the
document root for the primary domain.
Your host can tell you which folder is the document root. It is usually a folder called htmlor public_html. Any files that need to be visible to one of your visitors’ web browsers must be placed within the document root

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