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Internet marketing is the most popular term

Internet marketing

Internet marketing targeting information

Internet marketing:Google’s Keyword Tool Estimator and Traffic Estimator gettheir data from Google’s search query database.The AdWords Keyword Tool offers a lot of useful information about
your keyword campaigns, such as suggestions for similar keywords, an estimate of the keyword’s popularity, ad costs and positions, general search volume trend information, and keyword campaign suggestions for your site or your competitor’s site. The tool is great for compiling a lot of general information about a keyword.

Yahoo! also provides

a tool to help find keywords for paid search campaigns: Yahoo! Search Marketing. As with the Google tools, Yahoo! Search Marketing offers a lot of useful data for your organic search optimization campaigns.

After you select your time zone and geotargeting preference and provide three keywords/phrases that you want to target, the Search Marketing tool will generate a list of related keywords and an Estimated Searches bar. You need to be a Yahoo! Search Marketing customer to use this tool.

Online marketing Types:

Search engine optimization with blog
Social media marketing by Post sharing
Cost per Page impression
Local targeting
Email marketing
Referral Link marketing
website Content marketing
Online advertising

The Traffic Estimator provides a decent estimate of your keyword’s click-through rate. Based on the estimated clicks per day, you can get a relative idea of which of your keywords are the most popular and can potentially bring you the most traffic.

Internet marketing tips

The Keyword Tool is free to use. The Traffic Estimator is also free, but unlike the Keyword Tool, it is not accessible from an external URL; you must sign up for an AdWords account to use the Traffic Estimator tool (it costs a minimum of $5 to activate an AdWords account).
Yahoo! Search Marketing gets its data from Yahoo!’s search query
database. Note that the tool provides no actual search numbers—its gauge of Estimated Searches is simply a bar that you can compare with other keywords’ bars for relative popularity.

Microsoft’s adCenter Keyword Generation Tool generates keyword suggestions based on a search term or website you enter.
Entering a keyword in the search bar will return data that is divided into two tabs: Contains Term and Similar Terms. The Contains Term tab includes search phrases that contain the keyword you provided, along with the preceding month and the current month of search data.

Microsoft’s Bing search query database

This tool is useful in generating keyword suggestions based on a keyword you are targeting or on your site’s URL. You can also enter your competitor’s URL and see what the keyword suggestions are for their site.

Wordtracker is one of the better known keyword tools available that the search engines themselves do not provide.When you enter a keyword or phrase in the search box under the Research section,
Wordtracker displays the most popular search terms that include the keywords you provided, the number of searches per day recorded for those terms, and a prediction of how many searches are typically performed per day.

Google Trends
Google Trends is a great, easy tool for comparing keywords and identifying which is more popular than the other; in addition, you can examine this data over many years with seasonality factored in. Although Google Trends doesn’t supply figures, the graphs are
simple to understand and provide a perfect visual of search trends over a particular period of time. Note that this works only with relatively popular terms.

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