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Ryan Reynolds-Deadpool-for an Oscar

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds DEADPOOL

Ryan Reynolds is showing off his holiday spirit with his Deadpool character and a cheeky twist on the sitting.Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller talk from the set of the R-rated superhero movie about footage leaks, violence, Easter Eggs, and more.As it currently stands, the box office hit is nominated for zero categories. Reynolds wants to change that.Based upon Marvel Comics’ most unconventional anti-hero, DEADPOOL tells the origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade.Just watching a few seconds of Deadpool’s red-band trailer showcases how different the upcoming film is from its many superhero brethren.

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Stories

Deadpool fans are petitioning for the character to host an episode of Saturday Night Live, but Ryan Reynolds just released a video to explain why this will.Only a few hours left for Oscar voting. Too late for a write-in campaign for an ineligible movie?

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool movies

Ryan Reynolds dressed up as Deadpool for a Halloween video in which he tries to unite a motley crew of kid X-Men, Deadpool-style. The video is a promo for Reynolds.Second chances don’t come often in Hollywood, but Ryan Reynolds had the opportunity to create a new beginning for the foul-mouthed Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds Goes in Deadpool

The first thing Ryan Reynolds would like you to know about having kids is: Don’t listen to what Ryan Reynolds thinks about having kids.Cue the music! 20th Century Fox has unveiled the very first red band + green band trailers for Deadpool, directed by VFX veteran Tim Miller, starring Ryan.Unsuspecting trick-or-treaters were probably blind to the fact that Deadpool himself was in their midst this past weekend. The Deadpool movie is currently filming in Vancouver, which means scads of photos are pouring from the set, revealing fun spoilers for all die-hard fans.

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool photoes

Ryan Reynolds gets to action in the just-released official trailer for his upcoming movie Deadpool. The film is based on the Marvel Comics’ anti-hero.Deadpool is not your typical superhero movie. It has Ryan Reynolds as the wise-cracking, gun-slinging, katana-wielding, fourth wall-breaking.


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