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Amazon EC2 Overview-Web Site Cloud

Website cloud hosting

Website cloud hosting

The Amazon EC2 infrastructure exhibits all the concepts of the programmable data center that I listed above. In fact, Amazon EC2 services provide access to multiple data centers (Availability Zones) in multiple geographic regions and are really a collection of programmable data centers. You simply make web service requests “to the cloud”and Amazon EC2 capabilities do the rest. Servers, operating system images, firewall entries, load balancers, IP addresses, and disk storage volumes are all available in a matter of seconds. In this section, we’ll address the difference between persistent and ephemeral resources, cover the key Amazon EC2 concepts,
review the pricing model, and discuss the ways the EC2 infrastructure works with other AWS infrastructure services.

diagram cloud websites

diagram cloud websites

Website cloud storage

Persistent resources, once allocated to your account, can be expected to remain operational in the face of transient or permanent hardware or software failures. The Amazon implementation of a persistent resource makes uses of redundancy, automated failover, and automatic recovery to provide you with stable resources.
The following EC2 resources are persistent:
Elastic IP Addresses
Elastic Block Storage (EBS) Volumes
Elastic Load Balancers
Security Groups
Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) stored in Amazon S3 or as Amazon EBS snapshots
Ephemeral resources, on the other hand, are without built-in redundancy and will eventually fail. When they fail, stored data and state information is generally lost. Therefore, you’re expected to use other EC2 facilities to implement your own redundancy, failover, and recovery.

Clouds website

Using a larger number of smaller instances also gives you the flexibility to distribute them across two or more Availability Zones for better fault tolerance. Extremely large-scale applications can even span more than one EC2 region, running some instances in the United States, some in Europe, and others in Asia. It’s actually quite easy to create these complex, multi-homed topologies using EC2 capabilities.

When you build an application that literally spans the world, cloud computing will become even more compelling. You can build “follow-the-sun”applications, adding resources when and where your users are busiest and removing them when they’re asleep. You can add functional redundancy and geographic dispersion without having to deal with additional data center or bandwidth suppliers.

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