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Elements of Link Building

Link Building Basics

Best Elements of Link Building

There are countless opportunities for link building. Everything starts on your site. Your site should make it easy and intuitive for anyone wanting to link to it. To increase your chances of people linking to your site, you need to provide something of value.

Take out the guesswork
Take out the guesswork for your web visitors by providing the HTML code fragment(s) for people to link to your site. Create “Link to Us” and “Tell a Friend” links. Most CMS software includes prebuilt forms for handling these simple concepts.

Provide registered services
Many sites offer free and members-only content. This model offers several benefits. If your free content is already great, many of your visitors will also be interested in your members-only content. The idea is that the content that is provided to members only is of even greater quality than the public content. Many sites charge for members-only content. Providing registered services helps you build up the email lists.

Run a daily, weekly, or monthly email newsletter
Running your own newsletter provides several benefits. First, you get to remind your existing visitors of your new offerings, whether it is content, products, or services. Plus, the recipients of your newsletter are likely to forward it to people they know if they find your newsletter interesting.

Website widgets
Website widgets are simple, self-contained, value-added units of functionality. They are typically confined to small blocks of screen real estate on one or all the pages of your site. Any information that you can package in a way that provides unique value to other sites can be made into a widget.

Social Bookmarking
Social bookmarking is the concept of adding (typically) article and media bookmarks across various social bookmarking sites. It is a way to store and access bookmarks from anywhere. Everyone benefits in this model. Publishers get a wider audience and web users enjoy fresh, popular content.
Many websites utilize social bookmarking feeds as their additional content. To use social bookmarks, web users need to register with a social bookmarking provider.

Top social bookmarking websites

  • BlinkList
  • Delicious
  • Digg
  • Diigo
  • Faves
  • Kaboodle
  • Mixx
  • Newsvine
  • Propeller
  • Reddit
  • Simpy
  • StumbleUpon
  • Twine

search engines crawl and index pages showing bookmarked content.
This includes social bookmarking portals in addition to thousands of sites using customized feeds from these social bookmarking providers. Your links have the potential to be republished on thousands of websites.

Integrating social bookmarks on your site
Each provider will be a bit different when it comes to integrating social bookmarks on your site. But the idea is basically the same. You show an icon next to your content that will allow your visitors to add your link to their preferred social bookmarking site.

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