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SEO:Article Submission

Article Submission tips

Key Tips For Article Submission

Social stuff is fantastic for your site, Google is relying a lot on social interaction with websites.I am not sure how to do this manually, so this has always been outsourced.Make sure you have each or one of these buttons for your website, all buttons can be added easily to your site.

If you want to stay on top of the search results you have to stay focused on generating compelling content. Adding content on your website and getting backlinks to various pages is important. Here is a list of what needs to be done in order to ensure continuously growing traffic:

You will need a Twitter account for your site to get the followers.
This is a technique most will already know, I still like to use it because I noticed some fairly well known SEO companies still using Link Pyramid system to get your sites ranked.

The idea is to build backlinks to your backlinks, you can do this manually but first you need to have a list of backlinks, for example one of Angela’s Packets.

These links will point to the top layer, they are usually web 2.0 properties such as Hubpages and Squidoo, can also be other backlinks like profile, forum links etc.

High PR backlinks are what you want pointing at your site. To find them is a bit of a hassle but you can use Google, and a Firefox Tool called SEO quake.

First you will just do a quick search in Google.

Top Article Submission website

Ezine Articles –
Article Base –
Go Articles –
Article Alley –
Sooper Articles –
Idea Marketers –
Article Snatch –

If you are not sure what a Wiki is, these are sites that users can add content to, and modify or delete current content.

This has enabled backlinks to be left on these high PR sites!
I have not actively searched for these manually and have always outsourced this process so I do apologize if you wanted to do this yourself.

Keep adding articles content on your site
Write  articles on other blogs and article submission
Generate discussions and activity on your site

Off site SEO refers to the concept of increasing your website’s visibility through off-site tactics. In essence, this means that there is a clear separation between the two parts of  your website. There is on-site SEO, on which we concentrated above – this includes all the technical stuff relating to making sure that your site has good keyword density,interesting content and good meta tags. However, this will only get you so far. You also need good off site SEO.

All search engines are trying to establish organic ranking. Search engine engineers try their best to prevent webmasters from gaming the system. This is the reason why an influx of backlinks to a new domain might cause it to rank much lower than it would be if it had no links at all.

Links to your site placed on other sites are backlinks, while links to another site on your website or webpage are outbound links. There is a misconception that having outbound links is detrimental to your site and good for the other site, but the truth is that outbound
links are also quite valuable.

Article marketing: If you’d like to acquire numerous inbound links, establish your expertise on your field, and generate enormous traffic to your site all at the same time, you should definitely engage to  article marketing. It is the most efficient and cost-effective way to build traffic to your site. All you
have to do is write quality articles that are highly relevant to your website or products that you promoting and submit these articles to submission sites.

Remember that backlinks are really the heart of any SEO campaign and should therefore be your first priority. When we searched online for a list of places to place backlinks, we couldn’t find one which was really comprehensive and so decided to create a huge list ourselves. This is truly a great resource.

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