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Top Content management systems open source

Top Content management systems

Content management systems

A content management system (CMS) is to control a site’s content—text, pictures, links, ads, videos, and more—in one single application. The software runs on the server, is tied to a database, and is written with a server-side language like PHP, ASP.NET,Ruby on Rails, or Python. Once a user logs in, they can easily add, update, and delete content, as well as control the templates that drive the presentation of the site.

Ablog is a basic example of a CMS: the author logs in, writes a post, and clicks publish.WordPress embodies that simplicity, but in doing so, pigeonholes itself as blogging software without much potential as a true CMS that the rest of the nonblogging company can use.However, it is free, has a shallow learning curve, and boasts an impressive library of plug-ins.

Once known as a blogging platform, Textpattern has expanded into a true CMS designed to manage all aspects of a corporate website.Administrators can control contributing authors’ permission levels, and the extensible templating system allows for a range of architectural possibilities. Nontechnical authors also praise its elegant and easy-to-use back-end system.Like WordPress, Textpattern is free and boasts a
dedicated community.

Drupal is another free CMS, but it offers a very deep set of functionality far beyond the scope of WordPress or Textpattern.It was designed from the get-go to be enterpriseready, and it offers a considerable range of modules, including simple blogging, integrated forums, user registration, statistics packages, and more. It is free, but demands a much higher learning curve.

For businesses looking for a solid, all-in-one package, ExpressionEngine is designed to be a CMS first and foremost, which means both designers and developers will be able to absorb its mild learning curve without much trouble.The system comes in both free and commercial licenses. One of the benefits of a commercial license is paid, dedicated support—
something that is very important to many companies.

In contrast to the free and open source systems, Vignette is a very expensive, proprietary system that is deployed on enterprise-class databases (usually Oracle) and requires a dedicated support staff.
7While it is true overkill for 99.999 percent of all sites on the Web.

how the corporate website is built, the company will need to procure hosting
services. Some companies have their own data centers, which might or might not include aweb server. For small companies, hosting is best acquired through a third party. The cost of offsite website hosting has become a deal almost too good to be true; for a paltry monthly fee, any company can get gigs of space and bandwidth they’ll probably never use.

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