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Top Inbound Link Resources

inbound Link Resources

Link popularity, a count of how many sites link to you, measures your visibility on the Web. Links are search engine specific, so only other sites that index by the same engine appear on the list of inbound links.
Link checker and list of related sites for target domain.

Directory of search engines

Link finding and management software

Link Popularity
Link checker for Google, com MSN, and Yahoo!

You get different results for the number of inbound links by entering the URL with and without www, so try both and compare. Unless your developer forces all URLs to appear one way or the other, your inbound link count might be divided between the two versions of your domain name.

Enter one of your keywords in an engine like Google to see which sites
appear at the top of search engine results. Then run an inbound link
check for the top two or three sites to get a list of possible targets.

You request otherwise, most inbound sites link to your home page. If
your site is segmented by target market or product, segment your requests
for inbound links to match. Provide the URL for the correct internal page
rather than for your home page. Most sites post your link on their own Links
or Resources pages. From a search engine point of view, links from other content pages usually carry greater value.

Link campaigns involve a lot of detail. To keep track, create a spreadsheet to track your efforts.

Site name
Appearance URL
Submission URL or e-mail address
Date of submission
URL of page you asked others to link to
Whether a reciprocal link or payment is needed
Date link was checked

Sites with more than 50–60 links per page.

Web alliances or rings of related sites that exchange links among the
members of the group.

Link exchanges that automatically arrange links between two sites
instead of allowing two individual companies to establish reciprocity.
Because the offered links frequently come from totally unrelated sites,
these automated exchanges might be a waste of time. Usually, you must
post two links for every one you receive.

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