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Top Keyword Research Tools

Free Keyword Research Tools

SEO analysis tools

A wide variety of options are available for performing keyword research, including tools provided by the search engines, tools developed by third parties, and tools for complex keyword analysis of terms culled during research. In this section, we will review each of these; but firstwe’ll examine what you can determine just by using the search engines themselves.
There are a myriad of free SEO tools available, and even many sites that list these free tools the compendium sites are generally supported by advertising, and must therefore practice good SEO themselves to be successful.

Blog search data is terrific for picking out hot topics or keywords in the blogosphere and the realm of social media. Since blog search often incorporates forums and other social media properties (anyone with a feed, really), it is a great way to see how a term/phrase is looking in the social space. Be aware, though, that the data is temporal—anything that’s more than a few months old is likely to be out of the blog index.

Keyword tool for seo

You can combine all of this data to form a very well-rounded view of a particular term or phrase, and although it is probably overkill for most keyword research projects, it is certainly a valuable exercise and something to monitor closely if you’re basing a lot of your success off of a single search query (or just a handful of queries). Even if you’re just trying to get a better sense of what’s going on infrequently and informally, these pieces of the keyword puzzle can be remarkably valuable.

Keyword Tool provides two tabs: Keyword Variations and Site-Related
Keywords. From the Keyword Variations tab, you can enter a keyword and the AdWords Keyword Tool will return keywords related to the term you entered and the match type (where you can specify whether you want your search-targeted keywords to be a broad, exact, or phrase match).
You can also choose to display the following information about each keyword. Set the Match Type to Exact to get a sense of the search volume associated with each keyword, or set it to Broad to get a sense of the volume associated with the keyword and the long tail variations of
the keyword.

These tools can definitely be time savers, particularly if you have a large amount of content you need to optimize. The price is certainly right.
Individual tools also can serve as a reality check: by running your pages through one of these tools you can get a pretty good feeling for how well you have optimized a page. However, you should bear in mind that there is nothing that one of these tools can do for you that cannot also be done by hand given the knowledge you have learned from this article.
SEO analysis tools available on the Web can help you with your SEO tasks. However, to get the most from these tools you need to understand underlying SEO concepts, as explained in this article, before you use these tools.

keyword tool ideas

keyword tool ideas
SEO analysis software is unlikely to prove worth its cost unless you are in the business of performing SEO for numerous web sites and a great deal of content, or for a major enterprise. If the advertising for this kind of software claims too much.

Essentially, the closer a commercial SEO product comes to true enterprise web analytic capability, like that provided by Google Analytics or WebTrends, the more likely it is to provide valuebut only to larger enterprises. So it’s fairly rare for software labeled specifically for SEO purposes to be worth the licensing feeyou can either do the job yourself manually, or a free tool is available.
Understand how your pages are viewed by search engine software

Take common sense steps to make sure your pages are optimized from the viewpoint of these search engines.

Fortunately, this essentially means practicing good design, which makes your sites easy to use for human visitors as well.

Avoid certain over-aggressive SEO practices, which can get your sites blacklisted by the search engines

From a broader viewpoint, good SEO involves creating an effective business campaign: understanding your sales proposition and benefits, creating a strategy for drawing and converting prospects, and being better at what you do than your competition.

web sites do just fine without consciously considering SEO. But by consciously developing a plan that incorporates SEO into your web sites and web pages, your web properties will outrank others that do not.

Just as success begets success in the brick and mortar world, online traffic begets traffic. SEO can drive more traffic to your web site. If you plan carefully, you can impact the kind of traffic driven to your site. This means that you need to consider SEO as part of your general market research and business plan. Sure, most businesses want traffic. But not just any traffic. Just as the goal of a brick-and-mortar business is to have qualified customersones with money in their pocket who are ready to buy when they walk in the door, an online business ideally wants qualified traffic.

Qualified traffic is not just any traffic. It is made up of people who are genuinely interested in your offering, who are ready to buy it, and have the means to buy it. This implies that to successfully create an SEO campaign you need to plan: this means understanding your ideal prospect, their habits and who they are, and creating a step-by-step scheme to “lure” this prospect to your site where he or she can be converted to a customer.

Find top keywords

Find top keywords

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