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App:Google Now Launcher app Running Android 4.1+

Google Now Launcher Android App Review

Google Now Launcher app

Google is apparently suspending its Google Now Launcher application. The Google Now Launcher will also be eliminated from Google Mobile Services (GMS), that is also their own Android device.The application is basically an Android design arrange that displays all your applications in a stock-Android mold. While a modest bunch of makers utilize vanilla Android rendition, most outsider makers including HTC, Sony, and Samsung utilize a custom Android skin to separate the experience. As indicated by a spilled email, Google is cautioning Google Mobile Services (GSM) accomplices about expelling the Google Now Launcher from the Play Store in the coming weeks.

The Google Now launcher is intended to keep running on Android 4.4, yet in the event that you’re running 4.1 and up, you might have the capacity to make them work with insignificant (assuming any) bugs. Make a beeline for this XDA string and download the compress document. There are three APKs in the chronicle, however the just a single you have to think about is GoogleHome.apk. Introduce this APK and press the Home catch. Here you can choose the Google Now launcher as the default, however it is shrewd to guarantee that the launcher works legitimately on your gadget first.

Google Now Launcher download

Google Now Launcher download

While it will be still redesigned by means of the Google application, the posting will leave before the finish of the principal quarter of this current year. So this leaves clients with the main other launcher application by Google-Pixel Launcher. As the name proposes, the Pixel Launcher is the home screen understanding for the Pixel and Pixel XL telephones by Google. While the Pixel Launcher is recorded on Google Play Store, it is not good with every one of the telephones aside from Pixel telephones. Clients can swing to outsider launchers like Nova and Aviate.

google now launcher apk

google now launcher apk

Anything underneath Android 4.1 won’t act as that is the most minimal Android form that backings Google Now. In any case, that doesn’t ensure bolster above it.

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Your mileage will dependably differ. Once you’ve introduced the stub APK, upgrades to the Search application can and will change how the google now launcher  functions.

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