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Advertising on YouTube

How to advertise on YouTube

Ways to advertise on YouTube

There are several ways to advertise on YouTube, Google’s hyper-popular video-hosting site, and only some of them can be controlled with Google’s AdWords PPC platform. We’ll concentrate on the ones that can be, because advertising on YouTube in featured positions requires a direct contract with YouTube and a commitment of at least $50,000 per month in advertising spending.

But why advertise on YouTube? First, there’s the behemoth’s massive reach.
According to Google, YouTube enjoys the following:
1. undreds of millions of videos viewed daily
2. undreds of thousands of videos uploaded daily
3. 5 hours of video uploaded every minute
So YouTube is an excellent advertising channel if your product or service can benefit from reaching mass audiences of relatively undifferentiated people.But it’s also possible to target YouTube narrowly. AdWords advertisers can choose to display their ads to relatively tiny, targeted subsets of YouTube site visitors, as well as to visitors to the site who have chosen to embed YouTube videos on their own sites.

Using placement-targeting ad groups , advertisers can
easily choose to advertise on specific YouTube pages and even within the videos themselves. Figure 5.10 shows the way advertisers choose the YouTube subsections to target, using the AdWords Placement tool.

When you advertise on YouTube, where will your ads appear? They can appear
in any of the following places:
1.our ads can appear within standard text or banner ad units on sites that have chosen to embed YouTube videos. Google calls these text-heavy publisher content sites.
2. our text ads may appear embedded within the video itself—within the bottom 20 percent of the overall video-player window. This gets closer attention, because it’s hard for the viewer to ignore the ad.
3. pecially prepared Flash ads can appear within the same 20 percent of the
played video’s bottom window. These are called inVideo ads, and must adhere
to very stringent requirements related to file size and resolution. These inVideo ads are not strictly self-serve like all other AdWords ads, because the upload and placement of InVideo ads require interaction with and approval of Google account management.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, an animated picture is worth a million. Movement enables the advertiser to more easily distract the site visitor’s attention, and convey complex and emotion-laden messages, much more quickly and easily than can be achieved with a static picture.
Animated banners are more difficult to create and usually more expensive, but the expense is worthwhile. Our own testing has shown well-designed animated banners achieve CTRs that are 50–200 percent better than those achieved by equivalent static banner ads.

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