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business comes through human resource and imagery


Pinterest  operates  in  the  same  arena  as  word-of-mouth,  but  in  a virtual  format.  Like  Twitter,  the  more  active  the  pinners  that  pin your product and the more boards they pin on, the more influential they are in the Pinterest community. This can generate heat aroundyour  product  and  raise  your  online  profile.
In  typical  advertising terms, a high level of pinning is like increasing the “opportunity tosee” or creating a virtual footfall which drives consumers to your online  site  through  an  organic-type  search.  It  is  feasible  to  gain
interest for your product or service on Pinterest without having to
use any advertising spend.

Pinterest was launched publically in March 2011 and has steadily
gained momentum. Pinterest works by linking networks and boards
and allowing users to understand what each other likes. In business
terms, this allows you to build a picture of the behaviours and attitudes of your target market sectors. You can begin to piece together
what your customers look at and invest a “click” in without using
any budget on focus groups or quantitative surveys.

Pinterest  requires  high-quality,  but  small  in  size,  images.  They
should directly focus on the product or service, or your output on
Pinterest  can  become  confusing  for  your  audience.  Like  reading
around  an  academic  subject,  you  can  start  to  add  the  option  for
pinners  to  choose  images  that  are  only  indirectly  connected  with
your product or service.

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