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Facebook Page is a representation of your brand or business

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Facebook Page-Just like your website, email or print marketing materials, and physical locations. It’s great to recognize that Facebook is an important place to be from both a user and search perspective, but just showing up is not enough. You have to use Facebook effectively. That means logging in, posting content, and responding to what’s happening on your Page.

Listen to your members. Thank them, respond, and follow up offline to resolve issues. Automated Page monitoring can help fill in the gaps, but you need a real person to read through comments and assess which ones require responses. Only a human can truly detect the tone of a post, and only someone familiar with your brand or business will know how to respond.
This is the nature of Facebook, and if you must post your own content less frequently in order to respond to people, so be it. A Page that ignores its members and just shouts its own messages all day is not using Facebook correctly.

Remember why people use Facebook: it’s not to view your ads and then go to your website. They’re on Facebook to use Facebook itself. Use the Facebook Ads platform to send people to applications or Pages on Facebook itself, not external websites. Make sure to provide a seamless user experience as well. To create an ad that sends traffic to your Page or application.

Creative Content Design
When you’re creating your Facebook ads, remember that you’re talking to a mainstream audience that is interested in socializing with friends. The creative elements—images and copy—that make up your
ads should reflect this as well.

Likes and Interests
When a user fills out his Profile, he adds information about his interests, activities, favorite books, movies, television shows, and more. Using the Facebook Ads platform, you can specify keywords to target users who have used the same words in their Profiles. Search engine marketing will
provide a great list of keywords to start with, but you might have to go a step further for your Facebook ads. Think about interests that may not be directly related to your business but indicate that a user may
be interested in your brand.

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