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Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts

Google+ profile page

Hangouts – facilitates group video chats on the condition that the users have the Hangout’s unique URL. Hangouts On-Air allows users  to  create  instant  webcasts  on  Google+.  They  can  also  be recorded.

Google+ Hangouts tools

Other  functionalities  includes  Messenger,  which
allows  instant  messaging  and  photosharing  within  their  Circles
through their mobile devices; a +1 button  for recommendations and “Data Liberation” which allows you to download your Google+ content. Google+Communities allow users to start conversations about specific topics and allow the conversations to continue on an open-ended basis.
Google+ takes  Google’s  experience  and  excellence  in  the  search
arena and marries it with personal information, preferences, likes
and  dislikes,  to  better  inform  both  the  user’s  search  and  social capabilities. This means that Google understands your customer as well as you do.

Create a Google+profile or page. This is where your customers can find you so including all your relevant information is very
important and specifically your website URL for easy navigation to
your site. The next consideration is audience growth and content
generation, which Google+suggests are interdependent. They recommend  frequent  and  fresh  posting  every  three  days  in  order  to encourage a growth in followers. Following these steps will move your Google+account closer to verification. Verification means that people who have received an email from you to their Gmail account will be given the option to link to your Google+page.

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