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Google Tools and Services

Google Tools

List of Google’s tools

Google is all about search, but there is more to search than just websites. Google’s various online properties encompass resources and tools for searching for and through just about anything electronic, both on- and offline.
These resources can be extremely valuable to marketers and should be considered someof the sharper tools in your research arsenal. This chapter contains a list and basic explanation of Google’s tools, along with some useful third-party sites that are Google powered but not run by Google.

Google Desktop Program installed on your PC that indexes your documents, emails, and visited web pages.Search from your web browser.

Google Toolbar Google search within the search results and related functionality integrated into your Internet Explorer or Firefox web browser

Google Pack Free software for your Windows PC, including antivirus, antispyware, Google Desktop, and much more, all in one easy download.

Google Alerts Automated, free monitoring service of search results in Google and Google News for chosen keywords.

Google Sets Create a set of items from a few specified examples
Google Scholar Search through scholarly literature
Google News Search and browse news sources (both new and old, worldwide or within a particular
country), by news source, relevance, or date
Google Groups Browse, search, create, and post to discussion groups and Usenet newsgroups and to email
discussion lists
Google Images Search for photos, clipart, logos, icons, and illustrations
Google Directory A searchable directory of sites, editorially reviewed and organized by topic.

Google Search by Countryor Language
Search only those websites that are in a particular country
YouTube Upload, search, and share videos, tag your favorites, and create your own channels
Google+ A powerful new social network from Google. Its features, in Google parlance, include
Circles, Huddles, Hangouts, and Sparks.
Google Product Search Comparison-shopping engine
Blogger Create a blog for free and host it on Google servers
Google Web History Remembers your past searches and learns over time, giving you improved search results
Google Blog Search Allows you to search through an index of RSS feeds

One more thing to note before we get into Google services: Many of them require you to create a Google user account. If you are already signed up for a service like Gmail,then you’ve already got a Google account. However, once you are logged in, all of Google’s services will recognize that—even the ones that don’t require a login, like the plain old web search engine. Your search history and click history within search results are also recorded in your Google account. Also, whether or not you are logged into
your Google account, the search engine will remember who you are and tune your search results over time so that they match your patterns and preferences.

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