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How can Twitter be measured

Twitter tips

There  are  social  media  monitoring  packages  which  allow  companies to trawl the virtual world for mentions of their brand. Thesepackages  include  Meltwater,  BuzzFeed,  TweetDeck,  Buzzcapture,Brandwatch  and  HootSuite.  Many  companies  use  software  packages like these to interact with users in an attempt to be perceivedas excellent customer service providers or to “harness the negative”as they tackle customer complaints in the virtual world.

Twitter expresses success through popularity and numbers. Influential Twitter users are measured by their number of followers and tweets are “hashtagged” (#) by the user according to their content i.e.,  #worldcup,  #skynews.  “Trending”  hashtags  look  at  the  most mentioned hashtags across the globe and success is yet again measured  in  basic  statistics:  who  or  what  is  trending,  how  often  they trend.

Twitter themselves encourage brands to set their own metrics and
to grow followers, promote retweets and increase coverage. Twitter
also suggests you link your tweets back to your own site, thereby
increasing traffic and conversions.

When drilling down to the finest of details with regards to metrics,
Twitter has a two-pronged plan of action. The first is to analyse the
content  of  your  tweets  and  interact  with  your  followers  to  access impact. This is a qualitative, rather than quantitative approach. The second, is too partner with one of Twitter’s certified business service providers who will help deliver your metrics. Many of these companies also carry out Twittersphere monitoring.

The  certified  business  partners  are  divided  into  three  categories:Engagement, Analytics, Data. The Engagement partners can focus on  reach,  interactivity  and  content;  Analytics  partners  can  add values to these findings (they are often the same providers); Data partners will help you source existing networks and “piggyback” on existing activity.

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