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HOW EASY TO SHARE PHOTOS WITH friends and family


SHARE PHOTOS WITH friends and family

Google+ makes it super simple to share photos with people, whether
or not they use Google+. You get unlimited space to post photos and
videos, handy tools to make them look better, and a very slick page for
showing them off. If you have an Android phone or use Google’s Picasa
Web Albums, the photo and video features of Google+ will feel like
second nature. If you’re an iPhone owner or Flickr fan instead—or even
if you’ve never posted photos before—this chapter will still have you
uploading photos in no time.

Just as with posts, you have a lot of control over who gets to see the
photos and videos you post on Google+. So you can share snapshots
and movies with friends to remind them of all the fun you had at the
cabin last weekend—while making sure your boss and mother don’t see
the details of said cabin adventure. This chapter explains how to share
your photos with others, view and download the shots other people
have shared with you, show off your videos, and organize your photos
into albums that are easy for people to see and download.

WHEN SOMEONE IN YOUR circles posts a picture and shares it with you, it
appears in your stream. But what if you just want to focus on snapshots without all those other, non-photo posts distracting you? As with circles, Google+
includes a page dedicated exclusively to photos. It’s your command center for
everything photo related. To hop to your Photos page, click the Photos button
near the top of any Google+ page.

Photos from your circles.When you first go to your Photos page, Google+
automatically selects this category (you can tell it’s selected here because
its name is displayed in red text). When it’s selected, your Photos page displays images labeled with the name of the person who shared that photo,
and, if anyone has commented on it, a speech-bubble icon.
Photos from your phone.Click the name of this category to see photos you’ve uploaded from your phone using the Instant Upload feature.

Photos from your posts.These are the photos you’ve specifically shared
with certain people or circles by attaching them to posts or choosing them
from among your uploaded albums.

Near the upper-right corner of the lightbox view screen is an X you can click to
get back to the Photos page. The two translucent arrows on either side of the
image let you move through the photos. On the right side of the page is a panel
where you see, from top to bottom, the person who posted the photo, any comments that have been made about that photo, and a box where you can add
your own comment, if you’d like.

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