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How to promoting Your Facebook page

promoting facebook page

promoting Your page

You’ve set up your Page and created a custom tab, and optimized content is flowing. Now it’s time to promote your Page and convince people to like it. The best promotions incorporate a combination of paid, organic, and incentive offers. Try to use all three; just make sure your Page is ready to be unveiled before you start asking people to join.

paid advertising
Pure and simple: you could buy a Facebook ad. In fact, Facebook hopes you will become not just a brand, but also an advertiser. If you have a little money and want to gain members quickly, this might be an avenue to pursue. Just don’t rely on it by itself.
Organic promotion
Put links to your Facebook Page on your website and add them to the header or footer of emails you send to your email list. Better yet, write a blog post about the new Page and send an email to all your subscribers informing them that your new Facebook Page is live. Many people probably
have been waiting for this; make an event of the launch, and then place permanent links on the site and all future email communications.
Incentive offers
We all love free stuff. Offer exclusive information, deals, or discounts just to members of your Facebook Page.Add this incentive to your launch email or blog post to give people an even better reason to click Like. You don’t need to go crazy with giveaways, but be ready to offer something.

Wall posts, status updates, and user comments on the Zappos Page encourage interaction. There are many ways that users can interact with your Page, from the ongoing stream of status updates and posts that appear on the Wall to media uploads they can comment on. Custom applications, especially those designed for user interaction, also encourage clicking. Every interaction works to improve your ranking and keep your name high up in the Facebook Newsfeed.
Wall posts
The preferred means of communication for frequent Facebook users is Wall posting, because these messages are quick and easy to post . They are also open and visible to the public—great for praise, but not so much for complaints. Be sure to respond quickly here.
Media comments
Members of your Page can view and comment on anything you upload to the Page. Take photos at events to encourage liking and tagging when people see themselves, and consider a photo comment contest to get engagement going, especially early on.

Custom applications
As you design your custom application, be sure to think socially. Provide easy ways for users to share the results of your application with friends or invite them to try it as well. Include a Share button at all stages of interaction with the application so users can post to their Wall and newsfeed.

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