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Small Twitter tips

Twitter link

Twitter tips

If you’re going to use Twitter, you may want to heed the following tips.
Open an account to safeguard your potential future presence should you want to use it later. Somebody may have already taken your name. Spend some time optimizing your profile. Pay special attention to the Name, Username, More Info URL, and One Line Bio fields. Try to use relevant keywords.
Twitter started using the nofollowlink attribute to discourage tweet link spam. This,of course, means any search engines adhering to the nofollowstandard will not pass any link juice for the link labeled with the nofollowlink attribute.

Showing up in search engine results is a good enough reason to use Twitter. Anyone clicking on the Twitter search result has, after being directed to Twitter, access to your profile information, including your website link.
You can think of this concept as an indirect way to build links. People who see your tweets will be able to spread your message by bookmarking your site, adding a backlink on their sites, or retweeting.
Google and Bing also index redirected destination links from their short URL equivalents. For example, you can check the size of the Google index for the URL shortener by issuing the site:bit.lycommand.
Start tweeting about your area of interest and stick to it. You want to establish yourself as an authority on the subject matter while gaining a large following. Start following people who have common interests and people in your industry or community.

Also add your Twitter link in your signatures in any offline and online marketing campaigns. Make it easy on your site for people to follow you on Twitter. Cross-promote your friends’ tweets and have them do the same. Make use of various Twitter tools to optimize your time spent on Twitter.

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