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Top video-sharing website YouTube-200,000 corporate videos


YouTube is a video-sharing website, which launched in 2005. Users
of  YouTube  can  upload,  view  and  share  videos  which  use  Adobe Flash Video or HTML5. In the early days of YouTube, users would
upload  a  combination  of  user-generated  videos  and  vlogs  (video blogs). They would also add clips from pre-existing TV or film collateral and share music videos. In 2006, Google bought YouTube as a subsidiary. Contributors have expanded it from the individual to the corporate, with selected media organizations such as CBS,BBC  and  VEVO  becoming  partners.  This  means  that  they  show some of their own material via YouTube.

View Counter is the first metric which tells users a lot about your
video. A low View Count for a recent upload won’t work against the
video – it’s a recent addition and users will not expect many views.
A video found through search with a low View Count can indicate
that  the  video  is  targeting  the  wrong  audience,  as  they  haven’t engaged  with  it  in  huge  numbers.  A  very  high  View  Count  can indicate that a video is worth watching simply because of the high number  of  views  that  it  has.  This  is  viral  territory,  which  can  be defined  when  a  video  is  shared  beyond  a  user’s  second  level  of network connection.

YouTube has had a huge impact on the music industry, with many
artists  launching  new  material  exclusively  on  the  site  and  the YouTube 100 is a weekly chart that notes the popularity of music
videos.  In  2013,  the  US  chart,  Billboard,  began  to  include  online streaming  figures  in  its  weekly  charts.  YouTube  video  users  can impact upon the weekly music charts and this highlights the crossover between the virtual digital world and the real world.
According to YouTube, over one billion unique users visit YouTube
every month and they watch over six billion hours of video. Over
70 per cent of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US. In March 2013, the Content Marketing Institute carried out a study looking at the YouTube videos of the Top 100 brands from Interbrand’s 2012 Best Global Brands. They evaluated the impact of 200,000 corporate videos from 1,270 different YouTube channels.

Video  content  is  the  human  face  of  social  media  marketing.  It allows  you  to  set  mood  and  tone,  to  create  an  atmosphere  and dynamism that is much more difficult to show on text-only social media sites.

You can post both video content to YouTube and embed YouTube
videos in your own site. A linked relationship between a company
site and YouTube can reinforce brand messaging across two online
outlets instead of one. Using YouTube, as well as your own site, is
important from the point of view of Search Engine Optimization.
Through targeted SEO, you can ensure that searches rate both your
own site and YouTube highly. This provides more opportunity for
prospective customers to enter the mouth of your online sales lead
funnel. YouTube will automatically ensure that your video content
can be viewed across all multimedia platforms: PC, tablet, mobile

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