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TweetDeck-is one of the most popular Twitter clients


Twitterers by topic

TweetDeck is one of the most popular Twitter clients. Why? Because in addition to an array of helpful receiving and sending features, it has one outstanding property for listening:it lets you group your incoming messages.
That means that if you follow 300 people, or 3,000, but you really only have time to keep up with 30 of them, TweetDeck can show you a column of messages from just your inner circle. You can also group messages by keyword or hashtag. Plus, it has a built-in way to see TwitScoop trends.

TweetDeck ( is a desktop program, and before you install it, you need to run Adobe Air ( That sounds intimidating, but each takes just a few minutes to download and run. Be aware that desktop web applications tend to suck up system resources over time because they don’t do what programmers call “automatic garbage collection.” Be sure to close and restart them every day or so.

A good deal of Twitter’s appeal comes from the fact that you can send and receive messages from anywhere you happen to be with your mobile phone.
Twitter’s own mobile service,, is fine but basic. If you want to amp up your listening on the road, try a dedicated mobile client.
For the iPhone, Twitterific( and Tweetie (, shown here, are popular.

For the BlackBerry, try TwitterBerry( or TinyTwitter(, you don’t have to run the same mobile and desktopclients. It works totally fine
to run, say, Twhirl on your desktop and Twitterific on your iPhone.

Follow smart people you don’t know
You can use Twitter to stay in touch with friends and family. But to get the most out of the service, follow at least a few people you don’t already know. They’ll point out articles you wouldn’t normally see. They’ll give you a sense of what’s important in another region, industry or social sphere. In addition, if you’re using Twitter for professional
reasons, following peers and thought leaders in your sector can help establish a connection.

A number of services can help you find smart, interesting peopleto follow. First, start on Twitter’s own search site (, look up a few terms that are important to you, and see who’s sharing good ideas and links.

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