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Android Google Launcher auto-rotation on phones


Google Now Launcher, it has received support for auto-rotation on phones. The Google Now Launcher currently only auto-rotates on tablets, but if you want it to do the same on your phone, then you should grab this beta version. Such a feature was present in early Android Marshmallow developer previews, but it mysteriously disappeared when the third one came out – and hasn’t returned until today.

To enable auto-rotation you need to go into the settings of the Google Now Launcher and tap on the new option that shows up at the bottom of the list. Another new thing in this beta release is icon normalization. This basically resizes app icons to make them appear more consistent with one another – so you won’t have a huge icon next to a small one, and so on. Google has some guidelines out for icon sizes, but not all developers adhere to those. Of course, there could be some instances where this auto-resizing doesn’t go very well, but that’s why this has been added to a beta release of the app. Things should improve before the finalized version is shipped to everyone. If you’re interested in testing the 5.8 beta iteration of the Google app

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