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Android N OS the upcoming interesting feature

Android N

Android N feature

Google  build for the Android N OS with  some new features were apparent and nicely detailed in Google’s release notes, there are naturally quite a few little things hidden here and there to be discovered.At Google I/O conference they  released an early developer preview of Android N. Google said Android N’s new feature is  limitless.

Android N details

The Android N feature Multi-window, allowing activities to be launched in split-screen modes on smartphones and tablets. The blog posts adds that activities can go picture-in-picture mode on TV’s, which is a ‘great feature for apps that play video’ and also allows  to enter personal data like name, address and date of birth, also importent medical facts, like blood type, known allergies and any other special condition you may have or medication you may be on. This could be invaluable to a first response or medical team in case of a crisis. It never hurts to be prepared. It supports the Java 8.Developers will now have work to a wider-range of instructions present in Java 8.

The app developers now  be able to add this functionality to their applications with top network Inc such as Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp get behind Android N’s quick reply feature.

Bundled notifications:-That will keep all notifications for a single app in one line. Customers will be able to expand those notifications using a two-finger gesture or by tapping a new expansion button.

Google has set mind on two main areas with Android N that are notifications and multi-window.

Android N features

RemoteInput API:- Android N, a reply to a Hangouts message will all happen in the notification shade itself, and developers can apply this to their apps with the new RemoteInput API.

Google has also build Android N notifications very nice. On Android N the app developers can opt to have notifications from their software come in  bundles in the notifications bar lock screen. The feature is currently live on most of Google’s own apps, including Hangouts and Gmail.

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