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Apple Set User-Friendly Stamp on Fancy iPhone 7 Cameras

Appel iPhone 7 Cameras

Apple User-Friendly Stamp on Fancy iPhone 7 Cameras

Apple developed the ante for cameras in flagship phones with also  the declare of its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on Wednesday.

Both this iPhone also have taken the dual-camera approach to smartphone photography — notably HTC, LG and Huawei.

“While it’s not the first dual camera mounted in a smartphone, it’s on par with the others in terms of basic functionality,” said Brian Blau, a research director for Gartner.

Going one step further, Apple has puts  its own powerful twist to the concept.

“Apple has update the camera app to make using the dual camera easy — and that could be their best feature, as focusing on the user experience is always one of Apple’s strengths,” Blau told TechNewsWorld.

The iPhone 7 Plus has two cameras that sit side-by-side on the back. There’s the 12 megapixel camera with a 28mm lens found in the base version of the phone, as well as a camera with a 56mm lens. The setup allows a “phonetographer” to capture better zoom shots at greater distances from a subject.


Apple iPhone 7 Camera Details

Apple has developed the camera in the iPhone 7 as well.Image stabilization, before found only on the Plus versions of the phone, is included with the base model. Image stabilization helps avoid blurry pictures caused by camera movement and hand shake.
The 7 also has a six-element f/1.8 lens for better performance in low light conditions. The new wider aperture allows more light to hit the camera’s sensor and produce brighter shots with more detail.

“The move up to an f/1.8 lens from an f/2.2 is a solid move, but they’re certainly not the first to do it,” Horaczek said. “It also may not make as much of an impact as some people think.”

In addition, the camera’s flash is 50 percent brighter than the previous iPhone model. The four LEDs in the “smart” flash can adjust their output to the color temperature in a shot’s frame for better pictures.

The front-facing camera has been upgraded, too. The resolution has been boosted to 7 MP, and it has wide color capture for sharper and more vibrant selfies.


Apple iPhone 7 RAW Support

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus  also  support saving image files in Adobe DNG, a RAW format. This is also  have a substantial impact on the application market, noted Horaczek.

“RAW photos hold more new than the compressed JPEGs we’re used to, and that creates more flexibility in terms of editing,” he explained.

“I think as people realize the power involved with the RAW workflow, they will start to gravitate toward more robust editing options like Adobe’s Lightroom Mobile,” he said.

“The capture process is so easy now — the editing process has some room to grow beyond simple filters and cheesy effects,” he added.

As good as smartphone cameras get, there’s still a gigantic gap between them and professional cameras.

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