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BlackBerry is depressed to the WhatsApp but Facebook are also decided to end support the BlackBerry OS 10 services by the end of the year 2016.

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BlackBerry is depressed  to the WhatsApp but Facebook are also decided  to end support the BlackBerry OS 10 services by the end of the year  2016.

Blog post, Gazzola said that the company is “extremely depressed ” with Facebook’s decision and that BlackBerry want to get the social media giant to change. The company has tried to keep a positive outlook and stated, “Despite this, we have worked hard to ensure our end users have the best experience in light of this decision, and are continuing to search for alternate solutions.”


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It is not known exactly when will Facebook withdraw support for the OS, BlackBerry made Facebook apps are still available on BlackBerry’s app store. It should also be noted that BlackBerry’s newest device, the Priv is powered by Google’s Android OS, and not BlackBerry 10. In addition, business.

The social big  giant has to be sure that as of March 31, BlackBerry all users have to perform a mandatory update for the Facebook for BlackBerry app, which will take away a number of features from the app. “The current BlackBerry Facebook application will cease to work on BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry OS versions 7.1 and earlier,” notes BlackBerry’s Support page.

BlackBerry explains that the native FACEBOOK  apps on Android and iOS use a private API not available for general use, and this will no longer be available to BlackBerry. BlackBerry users wishing to continue using Facebook can however move to the Web-based experience.

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