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Caviar announced its iPhone 6s Pokemon Go Edition

Pokemon Go Edition

Pokemon Go Edition iPhone 6s

If you are a massive “Pokemon Go” fan, this state of affairs could strike concern in your heart: you are hot on the path of a rare Vaporeon, or ar walking towards a battle between Squirturtle and Magikarp, once suddenly your phone battery dies.

“Pokemon Go,” the increased reality recreation app that is taken the globe by storm this summer, may be a “phone battery lamia,” in step with Amsterdam-based security software package company AVG Technologies. in an exceedingly tryout, AVG’s device performance professional Sandro Villinger found that continuous “Pokemon Go” play will utterly drain a completely charged iPhone 6S and battery in 2 hours and ten minutes. A Samsung Galaxy S6 lasts a 30 minutes longer, dying when 2 hours and forty minutes.
Determined to not let battery problems exchange his method of mastering the sport, Villinger tried out a variety of doable battery-saving techniques to work out however long you’ll be able to keep your phone running therefore you do not have to be compelled to cut your game short.

PokemonGo app

PokemonGo app

By taking the subsequent steps, he says he over doubled enjoying time to over 5 hours before he had to prevent and recharge.

Use intrinsical “Pokemon Go” battery saver mode

Activate the battery saver mode within the settings section of “Pokemon Go.” The intrinsical feature mechanically dims the screen once your phone is in your pocket or the other way up. and do not worry concerning FOMO: in battery saver mode you stay logged into the sport and may hear sounds or feel vibrations once Pokemons ar within the neighbourhood.

Villinger added: ” whereas you are at it, you’ll be able to additionally shut down music or sound effects, that additionally incorporates a slight impact on battery life. simply do not shut down vibration, otherwise you will not recognize once one amongst the pocket monsters is close, desperate to be caught!”

Dimming the screen to concerning seventy five % brightness also will avoid wasting juice, however you will not wish to dim it an excessive amount of or you will miss out on a number of the colourful fun of the chase.

Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (or 3G/4G)

Because the sport needs continuous information association and a GPS signal, shut down your 4G/LTE cellular association after you ar home to avoid exhausting the battery. once you are out and concerning, victimization 3G could also be less exhausting than 4G/LTE.

Pokemon Go app

Pokemon Go app

A number of apps on the market supply to observe your battery use, provide you with a warning to the largest battery-drainers on your phone or mechanically stop them, and manage your settings to extend lifetime. a number of the choices offered on Google Play embody AVG Cleaner (from AVG Technologies, the corporate behind the Pokemon report), Battery Doctor, GO Battery Saver, and Battery Booster fatless.

If all else fails, use associate degree external battery pack

If you are actually Pokemon-obsessed, Villinger says you would possibly wish to buy associate degree external battery pack. “Any battery pack that’ll commove your phone a minimum of doubly ought to be smart to satisfy your daily monster-catching wants,” he said.

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