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ChampOne C1 smartphone at Rs 501

ChampOne C1 smartphone

ChampOne C1 smartphone at Rs 501

Now ChampOne is a company we haven’t heard of, and we’re sure you haven’t either. ChampOne company has produce its way to the headlines today thanks to this claim: A smartphone called ChampOne C1 at just Rs 501, which offering better features than many mid-range phones in the market. ChampOne is unheard of, but it is try to pull off a Ringing Bells, which built a buzz in the smartphone bazaar with its Rs 251 smartphone called Freedom 251. ChampOne has a website called, where its smartphone called ChampOne C1 is listed for Rs 501.

ChampOne C1 smartphone at Rs 501

Following to this site, the flash sale is on September 2 and bond are open now. All the Users need to pay cash on delivery. But here’s the catch – though the site says it is open for bond , This company is facing ‘technical issues’ (rings a bell doesn’t it) with its payment gateway partner [Ccavenue (Avenues India Pvt. Ltd.)].

“You would not be able to register for the application for next 24 hours,” the site says. It is beyond us why they need a payment gateway when they have a cash on delivery model.
For anyone who tried ordering the Freedom 251, this is what you’d called a deja vu moment. For when Freedom 251 was announced the website had crashed within hours, given the interest the phone had generated.

ChampOne though leaves us with serious doubts. For starters, the logo looks like a distorted version of an earlier Micromax logo, as far the style and colour goes. The website has an About Us page, which unsurprisingly doesn’t tell you much about the company. The ‘new’ website is full of grammatical errors.

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We are newcomer yet efficient, we have just stepped in this radio based domain and have to go for benchmark, the site’s Mission and Vision page reads. “We are going to touch everybody by building a market place which combines a simpler universe with technology,” it adds. Let’s hope they don’t mean that literally. The About Us, Mission and Vision page have the same text as well. In Contact us, there is a helpline number, and location for an office in Jodhpur.

ChampOne C1 smartphone at Rs 501

In terms of Features, ChampOne C1 claims to make some truly astounding claims, especially if one considers the Rs 501 price tag. This is even better than what Freedom 251 claimed to offer. The specs are as follows: 5-inch display HD display, 1.3GHz processor, 2GB RAM and 8MP rear camera. There’s even a fingerprint scanner. These specs will cost you at least Rs 6,999 or higher in the current smartphone market. But we don’t know if the smartphone even exists.

In fact this isn’t all, there’s also a tablet and a smartwatch listed as coming soon. This Specifications for the watch and the tablet are also listed, and once again they sound too good to be true, especially from an unknown newcomer.

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