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Gmail hits 1 billion monthly active users


Gmail – Send email to and from a mobile phone, adjust Gmail’s layout with a style sheet, and a lot more.Google has announced that Gmail is currently used by more than one billion active users worldwide. Announcing the news on February 1, Google CEO Sundar Pichai revealed before investors and media that the company has seen rapid mobile growth especially with the rapid growth of smartphones and tablets. Launched with the beta tag in 2004.Gmail made quite a splash when it arrived on the scene on April 1, 2004, not only because of its then 1 GB of storage, which many people first believed was an April Fool’s hoax (Microsoft’s Hotmail, in comparison, had only 2 MB at the time), but also because the interface reinvented some aspects of what we usually expect from email clients. Today, Gmail has a conversation view that sorts replies to your mails into a singsle thread.

While Gmail can do a lot already, people expanded it over time with homemade tools and tricks. One popular approach is to use Greasemonkey scripts. A Greasemonkey script expands your Firefox browser to get a web page to do more than its makers intended it to do.Built-in chat functionality, allowing you to switch between email and Google Chat.

Creating your own contact group has one major advantage: you will then be able to just type the group name in the Gmail To: field, and see it expand to the full list of recipients. Not only will this save you time typing, it also decreases the chance that you’ll accidentally address the wrong person.

To create a new group, switch to the Contacts dialog. Click the button with a plus sign and two people at the top of this box to add a group.


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