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Google-Android Beta program

google android beta program

Google launches Android Beta program

new developer release of the next version of Android would have to download the factory image from Google, unlock your bootloader, set up fastboot, and type some commands in a CMD prompt. Nexus 6 Nexus 5X Nexus 6P Nexus 9 (LTE) Pixel C Nexus Player.Because Android Beta program software is prone to bugs — sometimes pretty glaring and nasty ones — you also need to have a way for developers and testers to communicate. Joining a beta test has a little bit of responsibility attached, and you should expect to be able to properly report what you’re finding, both good and bad.

The Android release will support digital inking, allowing users to take handwritten notes or draw with a stylus or finger. It will add more formatting options.However, Google has come up with a solution that will allow enthusiasts and developers alike to enroll in the Android Beta program without having to mess with fastboot, unlocking bootloaders, and entering white text into black boxes. Google has taken a similar approach to how Apple handles it’s iOS Beta releases. Minus installing the file needed to download the OTA. Microsoft is in the midst of beta testing an updated version of OneNote for Android that will be optimized for tablets, not just phones. Microsoft opened the beta program in late March 2014 and has been updating the beta since. Fall 2014 is the target release date for this version, which means it could debut simultaneously with the rest of the touch-first Office on Android tablet suite which Microsoft is developing.

Users can sign up with their Gmail accounts; all you need to do is sign into Gmail and your eligible devices will automatically populate the page for you to choose from. From here, you should receive the OTA notification on your phone within 24 hours. Google notes that if  manually flashed Android N on your device by downloading the image from, you won’t receive OTA updates automatically. So  must be on the latest public release of Android in order to take the first dev preview OTA.

We don’t suggest using your daily driver to run the first Android N build, but if you do it anyway, you will be allowed to opt out of the Beta by unenrolling the device online. Then you will receive an OTA with the last official public release which WILL wipe your data and revert you back to stock.

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