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Google+ Email and Mobile Notifications

Google+ Email and Mobile Notifications

Google Mobile Notifications

A lot of people leavethemselves far too open to distraction on their webconnected phones.Google+ gives you different settings to control which notifications you receive on your Android device, iPhone, or by SMS, and which notifications you receive by email. (Those settings don’t have any effect on the master list of notifications that shows up in the notifications panel and Notifications stream in your computer’s web browser.) Don’t configure Google+ so that it sends you every kind of notification about every little thing that happens, or you’ll become dulled to all the bulletins and won’t notice when something you actually care about happens.

Google Mobile Notifications

Google Mobile Notifications

Here are some ways to keep the volume of notifications manageable: Head to
the Google+ settings page and set things up so you only get phone notifications about posts where you’re mentioned, photos where you’re tagged, or posts specifically shared with you. Save notifications about comments and +1s on your posts, comments on posts you’ve commented on.

Most emailprograms can filter incoming messages based on who they’re from.
In desktop email programs like Microsoft Outlook and Apple’s Mail, you use rules to tell the program to put messages from a certain address into a particular folder. If you use a web-based email system like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Hotmail.

Using rules or filters, you can keep Google+ notifications out of your inbox, but still keep ’em around so you can check them at your convenience. Google+ notifications all come from different addresses (they start with noreply- followed by a string of random numbers and letters.

Google+ lets you determine exactly which notifications reach your inbox and
phone, but if you spend a good part of your day in your web browser, especially on Google-related sites, that little red box in the Google toolbar.

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You get unlimited space to post photos and videos, handy tools to make them look better, and a very slick page for showing them off. If you have an Android phone or use Google’s Picasa Web Albums, the photo and video features of Google+ will feel like second nature. If you’re an iPhone owner or Flickr fan instead—or even if you’ve never posted photos before—this chapter will still have you uploading photos in no time.

WHEN SOMEONE IN YOUR circles posts a picture and shares it with you, it
appears in your stream. But what if you just want to focus on snapshots without all those other, non-photo posts distracting you? As with circles, Google+ includes a page dedicated exclusively to photos. It’s your command center for everything photo related. To hop to your Photos page, click the Photos button near the top of any Google+ page.

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