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How Android App Submit To The Amazon App Store.

How Android App Submit To The Amazon App Store.

How Android App Submit To The Amazon App Store.

The large volume of app developers reveal their apps on the Google Play Store .however neglect many various popular app stores that are very exoteric. This Amazon App Store is another exoteric app store for business your free or paid robot app!

IT will be able to share the necessities, for business your app to the Amazon App Store.It  will be able to be business my existing android app  to the Amazon App Store.

This is an comprehensive guide, and can cowl all the steps to follow for exposing  app on the Amazon App Store.

Submit android App to Amazon App Store  Step by Step How store:

Click on  this link ; produce your Amazon developer account. it’s vital that you just put together payment choices directly.This is importantly for those who are offering in-app purchases or who want to monetize their app using Amazon’s mobile ad network.


  • Click on “submit”, and complete the tax interview for monetizing your app. If you don’t wish to decriminalize the app, ignore filling out the tax interview. (It’s boring!).
  • Head over to your Amazon developer console here.
  • Click on Apps & Services.
  • Click on Add New App.
  • How Android App Submit To The Amazon App Store.
  • Select Android, and move to the next page. All the next steps are easy to follow, asking you to provide details about your app and about the developer.
  • How Android App Submit To The Amazon App Store.
  • Click on “Save” after adding the details. Now click on all the tabs above (Availability & Pricing, Description, Images, etc.) and add the details.
  • Image Sizes: Listed here are images sizes required for your app submission. In some cases you might be using a graphic designer, so you can share these image dimensions directly.
  • Click on “Save”. Similarly, click on each tab and add details. You will be uploading the .apk file under the binary files tab.
  • Once all tabs are green ticked, click on “submit app” under “app name” to submit for review.
  • Submitted-app-to-Amazon
  • According to the official help page, it can take up to 6 days to review your submitted Android app. In my case it took about 12 hours, and the app is already live. You can see the ShoutMeLoud app on the Amazon store .
  • FAQ about Amazon’s App Developer Program:

    1. Amazon splits revenue 30:70 with the app developer.
    2. Creating an Amazon developer account is free.
    3. The Amazon App Store accepts non-exclusive app submissions.


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