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iPhone Built-in Apps

iPhone Built-in Apps

When you turn on your iPhone for the first time, you see iPhone’s apps
arranged on the main and second Home screen pages in a way Apple’s
iPhone designers figured probably makes sense for most people.

you can organize your iPhone’s app icons in whatever way makes the most sense to you.

Messages:Use this app to send, receive, and manage SMS (Short Message
Service) text messages, MMS (Multimedia Message Service) messages,
and iMessages messages that can include photos, videos, contact information, web links, and map locations.

Calendar:Create, manage, and search events that you can keep in sync
with calendars you maintain on your Mac or Windows PC, and with any
online calendars you access using Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar,
and iCloud accounts.

Photos:View, share, and manage photos and videos captured with your
iPhone, copied from your computer, saved from other apps, or downloaded from Photostream. Printing photos, viewing photos as a slideshow, assigning a photo to a contact card, or choosing a photo as your
iPhone’s wallpaper are just a few things you can do with Photo.

Camera:Take photos and record videos, share them with others via
MMS, iMessage, Twitter, and e-mail messages, assign a snapshot to a
contact card, and trim and upload videos directly to YouTube and

YouTube:Search, watch, review, and upload YouTube videos; e-mail a
link to a video you want to share.

Stocks:Stay on top of stock prices, track trading summaries, and view
detailed market data and news.

Maps:Locate and view your current location on a map, search for worldwide locations, show traffic conditions, view information about a location, bookmark it or save it as a contact, call a location’s phone number
get directions, and share a location in an e-mail or SMS
text message, iMessage, or Twitter.

Weather: View current weather conditions and a six-day forecast for one
or more locations around the world.

Voice Memos:Record, replay, and manage spoken or other in-themoment sounds you want to capture and listen to again (like a friend’s
live band performance); send your recorded ramblings as e-mail or SMS
text messages, and copy them to your computer with iTunes.

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