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iPhone News : Few iPhone apps going to sale for $0.99 for Christmas holidays


Few iPhone apps going to sale for $0.99 for Christmas holidays

This is the good news all the iPhone users .We discuss about the some iPhone apps that will be sale on $0.99 for Christmas holidays . Christmas and Hanukkah set to begin within the next 48 hours, there’s a decent chance that you’re spending time with friends and family. But no matter how much you love your family, you can only spend so much time cooped up with them before you start to lose your mind. That’s when you start searching for distractions, which is exactly what Apple also provided all the iPhone users with a huge sale on the App Stor.

This sale is very a limited time, this few apps and games are obtainable  for $0.99 on the App Store. Few  apps are going on sale for the first time while others have never been this cheap. Even better, there are a number of quality apps on this list.

List iPhone Games:

Now we Listed few iPhone apps and Games this is going to sale on this Christmas and Hanukkah holidays time.



iPhone Games:

iPhone Apps List


iPhone Apps:

Apple didn’t provides  any details about the length of the sale, but if you see anything on the list that you want, it’s best to download it now before the promotion ends. Apple declare that  this App Store actually shuts down and stops accepting admissions from developers on December 23rd through the 27th, so there are very huge chance you have until next Tuesday to buy the apps for the discounted price.

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