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micro-blogging website Twitter launches app for Windows 10 smartphones

Twitter app for Windows 10

Twitter launches app for Windows 10 smartphones

Twitter said that its goal was to mimic the principles of Windows Phone’s .Micro-blogging website Twitter has launched its app for Windows 10 smartphones.Twitter for Windows 10 includes almost all the new features the social network has recently implemented, including Moments, group Direct Messages, camera support (shoot, edit, and tweet videos), and quote tweet. You can even check out top tweets, search, check out profiles, and peruse Moments without logging in.The Windows Phone design team at Microsoft — decided to go with accent colors for the left pane to match that of Windows 10.

Twitter make app for Windows 10

Opening up single tweet conversations on the apps desktop counterpart enables in-line viewing, allowing users to see new and incoming tweets while addressing previous ones. On the phone, however, exploring a single tweet now opens up a separate dialog screen.

Twitter for Windows Phone includes a dark theme, which the company says was popular and has thus been included in the updated Windows app, that is available on desktops and tablets as well, not just phones. The app can be downloaded from the Windows Store.Twitter wants  feedback, and is actively engaging with the community on how it can improve its design.

The app showcases top trending tweets, photos and videos. It’ll also feed you tweets in Live Tiles right from the Start Menu.That not requiring  to log in.Once user do input his account information, it’s pretty full-featured: he can attach multiple photos per tweet, view animated GIFs .

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