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Skype Android app-easily schedule Skype calls


Android app today, which brings with it two new features. First off, you can now easily schedule Skype calls in Outlook, straight from Skype (see the screenshot on the left below). You just tap on the person you want to schedule the call with, and then through the menu in the upper-right corner choose the adequate option. After you’ve created the event, you can send an invite to the person you want to talk to. The good news is that this works with other calendar apps too, not just Microsoft’s Outlook.

Skype Android-app

Next up, Skype for Android is now integrated with Microsoft’s Office apps for Google’s platform. So if you have Word, Excel, and PowerPoint installed, when you receive a document through Skype you’ll be able to directly open it in the relevant app with one single tap. And if you don’t have the Office apps installed already, tapping on such a file will give you instructions on how to get them. So basically this is just a way for Microsoft to push its other apps to users of Skype. And this new feature seems to simply forgo showing you the usual Android app selector when you tap on an Office file.

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