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Twitter CEO Dorsey’s account hacks over the past few months

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After a series of celebrity Twitter handle hacks over the past few months, Jack Dorsey, the chief operating officer of Twitter, had his account compromised concisely on Saturday, a media report aforementioned. cluster|a gaggle|a bunch} by the name of “OurMine” — constant group that claimed credit for compromising Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg‘s and Google chief operating officer Sundar Pichai‘s social media accounts — took credit for hacking Dorsey’s account during a tweet.

“After the hackers denote a couple of benign video clips, a tweet went up at 2:50AM ET expression ‘Hey, its OurMine, we tend to ar testing your security’ and linking to their web site. That tweet was quickly deleted,” technology web site Engadget rumored. The message was connected to a brief clip on recreation network tracheophyte.

“All of the OurMine messages denote to Dorsey’s account (which, as of 3:25AM approximately seems to own been clean of the hacker’s tweets), came through from tracheophyte,” the report noted. it would be potential attributable to the very fact that Dorsey had Associate in Nursing old/shared arcanum on his tracheophyte account or somehow connected it to a different service that was compromised, that may have given “OurMine” access, the report aforementioned.

When clicked on the Twitter link provided by the hackers, a message, “The link you’re attempting to access has been known by Twitter or our partners as being doubtless harmful” was came. Also, the opposite link that was connected to tracheophyte came “The record was deleted by the user” message.
This hack has adscititious another name within the list of high-profile folks whose accounts are compromised. Recently, the cluster hacked the Twitter account of the microblogging site’s co-founder and former chief operating officer Evan Williams.

Spotify’s Daniel Ek, singers Drake and Lana Del Rey, skilled football league NFL and actress-comedienne Chelsea Handler have all been hit in recent months. In early 2015, Twitter’s Chief money handler and Head of Twitter Ventures, Anthony Noto’s account was hacked that resulted in several spam messages.

Recently, widespread career-oriented platform LinkedIn notified concerning information breach and alerted its four hundred million members to remain safe. Hit by an enormous information breach that place nearly 167 million users’ passwords and private data within the hands of hackers four years back, LinkedIn came out with an evidence and steps it’s taken to safeguard users.

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