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Web Hosting Amazon EC2

Web Hosting Amazon

The Amazon EC2 infrastructure exhibits all the concepts of the programmable data center that I listed above. In fact, Amazon EC2 services provide access to multiple data centers (Availability Zones) in multiple geographic regions and are really a collection of programmable data centers. You simply make web service requests to the cloud”and Amazon EC2 capabilities do the rest. Servers, operating system images, firewall entries, load balancers, IP addresses, and disk storage volumes are all available in a matter of seconds. In this section, we’ll address the difference between persistent and ephemeral resources, cover the key Amazon EC2 concepts,review the pricing model, and discuss the ways the EC2 infrastructure works with other AWS infrastructure services.

Amazone EC2

Amazone EC2

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. Free to join, pay only for what you use.

Cloud Computing Services
Persistent resources, once allocated to your account, can be expected to remain operational in the face of transient or permanent hardware or software failures. The Amazon implementation of a persistent resource makes uses of redundancy, automated failover, and automatic recovery to provide you with stable resources.

Hosting a Web App on Amazon Web Services
When you create and deploy a web app, you must design your architecture to ensure that it meets your requirements. The following table shows how Amazon EC2 Amazon.

Practically speaking, Amazon EC2 servers are actually fairly durable. One of my personal EC2 instances has been running without a hitch for 742 days. When it ultimately fails, I’ll simply boot up another copy of my custom AMI, restore my data from S3, and keep going.

Amazon AWS EC2 Web Server Setup
Amazon Web Services – Web Application Hosting in the AWS Cloud: Best Practices September 2012 Page 4 of 14 Web Application Hosting in the Cloud using Amazon Web.

The most important EC2 concept is the instance. Using a virtualization technique, the EC2 infrastructure runs machine instances on behalf of several EC2 users on the same physical hardware. The virtualization software ensures that each logical instance receives a guaranteed share of memory space and CPU time, and makes sure that instances running on the same hardware avoid interfering with each other in any way.
An instance can be running any one of a number of operating systems, including Linux (multiple distributions are available), Windows Server, or OpenSolaris.

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