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Yahoo Small Business also provides web hosting

Yahoo Small Business

Yahoo Small Business

Yahoo Small Business also provides services such as web hosting, domain names,business email, etc., but they are listed separately, and must be subscribed to separately on its website, and you will have to pay even for the most basic version of anyservice.

Yahoo Small Business hosting

Yahoo Small Business hosting

Here is a list of the prices at the most starter level of Yahoo! Small Business applications:

  • Web Hosting—starting at $11.95/mo., $25 setup fee
    Ecommerce—starting at $39.95/mo., $50 setup fee
  • Domain Name—starting at $9.95/yr.
  • Business Email—starting at $34.95/yr.
  • Marketing Services—Customizable deposit amount and maximum payment
    amount per ad click
  • Internet Service—starting at $15.95/mo. (first year/dial-up)

You can also view the yahoo Templates Gallery inside your browser —
just go to

Yahoo SiteBuilder
However, you also have add-ons that you can
use to add instant interactivity and functionality to your Web site. Best of all,unlike those fried cheese sticks and brownie pies I used to flog, these add-ons don’t cost extra; they are simply another part of your Yahoo! Web hosting plan. In this chapter, you explore how to work with add-ons inside of Yahoo SiteBuilder.The web hosting is very secure.

The video file is uploaded to your Yahoo Web hosting server when you publish your site. Then, when the video plays automatically or when the user initiates the play, a media player on the visitor’s browser — Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, or QuickTime Player — plays the video inside of a rectangular container.

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