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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization.The field of SEO is expanding into all the possible ways of promoting web traffic. This breadth requires a range of understanding.

Understanding how to best organize your web pages and websites.

Understanding technologic and business tools available that you can use to achieve your SEO goals.

Understanding how Google works. (Since Google is far and away the most important search engine, effectively using SEO means effectively using Google. This PDF covers how to boost placement in Google search results, how not to offend Google, how best to use paid Google programs, and more.)

Understanding best SEO practices (whether your organization is small and entrepreneurial, or whether you have responsibility for a large web presence).

Now it’s time to start thinking about the top-priority pages for your SEO campaign.These are the pages you’ll optimize.These are the pages that you most want people to get to from the search engines, and for best results, they should contain the most compelling content and the most useful information. Since your visitors land on these pages from the search engines, we call them landing pages.

This SEO has the tools and information you need to draw more traffic to your site, and build your bottom line. You’ll learn how to effectively use PageRank and Google itselfeffective use of SEO means understanding how Google works: how to boost placement in Google search results, how not to offend Google, and how best to use paid Google programs. You’ll also learn how to best organize your web pages and web sites, apply SEO analysis tools, establish effective SEO best practices, and much more.

Pay-per-click (PPC) services are the simplest paid search option. Here’s how it works: You open an account with a PPC engine, such as Google AdWords or Yahoo! Search Marketing. You decide which search terms you want your site to be seen for, and you write your own listing (or often, several different listings) to correspond with your chosen terms. Every time a searcher clicks on your listing, you pay the PPC engine a fee. You control the amount you want to spend for each click (your bid), and this is a
major factor in the placement of your listing.

Search engine placement means where a web page appears in an ordered list of search query resultsit’s obviously better for pages to appear higher up and toward the beginning of the list returned by the search engine in response to a user’s query.

Paid search is the SEO marketing venue over which you have the most control.
It offers you a chance to micro-manage your website marketing by being able to target specific messages to specific terms, and even specific geographical locations. It gives you the opportunity to change your message on a whim, and it provides some of the most conclusive tracking around.

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Not all queries are created equal, so part of effective SEO is to understand which queries matter to a specific web site. It’s relatively easy to be the first search result returned for a query that nobody else cares about.

Google is the standout leader in search today. It has the most traffic and
the most new trends, and it’s the only search engine with its own entry in the dictionary. Once a search-only entity, Google now offers  maps, feed readers, calendar, web analytics, and webmaster tools, not to mention a diverse menu of specialty search options, including news, video, image, blog, and local.

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