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The US border officials are checking the Facebook profiles of immigrants before allowing them into the country

US facebook

The US border officials are checking the Facebook profiles

The US authorities are allegedly checking the Facebook pages of migrants for their political perspectives, The Independent wrote about Sunday.

A Houston-based legal counselor Mana Yegani was cited as saying that few green card holders, who have the privilege to live and work in the US, were confined by fringe operators at American air terminals hours after Trump’s official request came into compel.

As per the American Immigration Lawyers Association (Alia), fringe specialists were checking the online networking records of those confined and were examining them about their political convictions before permitting them into the US.

“I and my kindred legal advisors had worked during that time handling calls from individuals with honest to goodness visa being confined before entering the US or requested back on flights to the Muslim-dominant part nations on the rundown,” said Yegani, who works with the Alia.

“The boycott has influenced explorers with international IDs from seven Muslim lion’s share nations and furthermore green card holders who are conceded authorisation to live and work in the US,” a representative from Department of Homeland Security said.

The prohibition on Saturday made confusion and shock the world over, while various explorers discovered their entrance to the US domain blocked and challenges were organized at a few US air terminals.

“In one affirmed episode a Sudanese PhD understudy at Stanford University in California, who has lived in the US for a long time, was held for five hours in New York and in another a double Iranian-Canadian native was not permitted to get onto a flight in Ottawa,” the report noted.

“These are individuals that are coming in legitimately. They have occupations here and they have vehicles here. Because Trump marked something at 6 p.m. recently (on Friday), things are going to a smashing end. It’s startling,” Yegani said.

The official request bans movement from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen under measures to “keep radical Islamic fear based oppressors out”.

“I am setting up new confirming measures to keep radical Islamic fear mongers out of the US,” Trump said on Friday amid the marking at the Pentagon after the swearing-in of Defense Secretary James Mattis, CNN announced.

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