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Top 10 Most Haunted Places in the UK

01 – Borley Rectory, Essex

Haunted Places in the UK

A few people just love a simply love a good horror story about haunted places, however few of them are sufficiently gallant to go visit these spooky areas. Britain is renowned for its spooky houses dating from medieval circumstances and numerous paranormal things are said to occur around these spots. Look at our rundown of 10 most spooky places in the UK:

01 – Borley Rectory, Essex

01 – Borley Rectory, Essex


Borley Rectory was a Victorian manor that was wrecked in a fire in 1939. It got to be distinctly known as a spooky place after a few local people proclaimed that unexplained things occurred in the territory. The place got to be distinctly acclaimed after it showed up in the Daily Mirror, where its story was distributed by a paranormal agent named Harry Price. Local people assert they saw the phantom of a religious woman, two headless men and that they can hear chimes ringing or jugs breaking.

02 – Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire


The Ancient Ram Inn is certainly one of the scariest places in Britain. The hotel is said to have been the area of numerous loathsome wrongdoings, including youngster give up, suicide and dark enchantment customs. The present proprietor of the place proclaimed that he trusts his home is spooky by evil spirits and all kind of spooks. Guests regularly depict the property as “the scariest place” they’ve ever been to.

03 – Pendle Hill, Lancashire



Pendle Hill is well known for showing up in one of the scariest scenes of Most Haunted. The slope is additionally acclaimed on the grounds that a Bronze Age entombment site was found on it. It was likewise home to the Pendle witches, transforming the slope into an acclaimed put for those looking for phantoms and spirits.

04 – Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon



Berry Pomeroy Castle is really an extremely wonderful château, yet its excellence covers up numerous privileged insights. It has been positioned one of the scariest places in Britain. The phantoms of two females: the White Lady and the Blue Lady are said to frequent the mansion. The Blue Lady is said to frequent the tower, tricking guests into a trap by imagining that she needs assistance. The other apparition—the White Lady –is said to frequent the prisons of the manor.

05 – Woodchester Mansion, Gloucestershire


Woodchester Mansion is a Gothic style chateau, arranged in Gloucestershire. The inside of the chateau is not completed, so it has a truly bizarre angle. Guests contend that they saw a few apparitions, including the ghost of a horseman. A few guests say they were assaulted by phantoms, while some of them crumpled at seeing the startling apparitions.

06 – Village of Pluckley, Kent



Pluckley town is acclaimed for being the most frequented town in Britain. It was really said in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1989. Various apparitions have been found in the town. Individuals say they can hear a shouting man in the night. They can likewise observe a schoolmaster who was discovered hanged by a gathering of youngsters and an old lady who used to sit on an extension smoking.

07 – Athelhampton House, Dorset



Athelhampton House is situated in Dorset and it has roused various phantom stories. A couple of duelists is said to frequent the Great Chambers. Clamors can be heard in the night from the wine basement. The apparition of a lady is said to have been detected a few circumstances, and additionally her feline.

08 – Tower of London, London


The Tower of London couldn’t be let well enough alone for this rundown, as it is celebrated for the high number of executions that were completed inside its dividers. The Wakefield Tower is said to be spooky by Henry VI. On the commemoration of his demise, he can evidently be spotted around the Tower. Then again, the White Tower is thought to be spooky by the White Lady who has been seen waving at gatherings of schoolchildren. Some say her fragrance still waits around the White Tower.

09 – Salmesbury Hall, Lancashire



Salmesbury Hall is a medieval château, thought to be spooky by the phantom of Lady Dorothy Southworth and other tormented souls. The manor showed up on a scene of the popular TV appear, Ghost Hunters International. Various apparitions are additionally said to be gotten on camera at the lobby.

10 – Chillingham Castle, Northumberland


Chillingham Castle was inherent the twelfth century and it is famous for the apparition stories identified with it. It is right now a vacation destination, as it offers visit phantom visits for adrenaline significant others. Guests are spooked by the stronghold’s “tenants”, which incorporate a blue kid, a tormented youngster, the apparition of Lady Mary and a spooky Royal parade. A few executions occurred in the palace in medieval circumstances; this is the reason the manor is said to be spooky.

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