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UK : Simon Schama Issues Damning Indictment Of “Automated” Theresa

UK Today

News Today:simon schama Issues

Simon Schama has issued a rankling appraisal of Theresa May’s capacity to lead Brexit arrangements by proposing the UK would be better spoken to by “somebody at irregular out of the Yellow Pages.”
The noticeable antiquarian told BBC Newsnight that the PM was inept in the wake of calling a decision to fortify her larger part, and wind up endeavoring to shape a minority government.

“We need somebody who really embodies a feeling of the national intrigue. It leaves Theresa May’s mouth as a mechanical mantra,” Schama said.

“You can’t in any way, shape or form have somebody as clumsy, astoundingly awkward, as Theresa May has substantiated themselves going into the transactions for Brexit,” he included.

“You should select aimlessly from the Yellow Pages, they’d be superior to her.”

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