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United States Life Insurance Companies Details

Life Insurance Companies

Details About Life Insurance Companies in USA

We describe  the life insurance company details in USA.This is depends on what kind of plan you’re using. Are you going by price, reliability, flexibility, or financial backing? Depending on what kind of plan you want.

Now a days nobody likes to think about their own mortality and when you have decades to go before you can even think about retirement, let alone preparing for the end of you life, it can seem like a pointless worry, but taking steps to ensure the financial stability of your family now and in the future is something that is better done now than later.We never know what tomorrow may bring. If your life were to end right now, what would it mean for your family.Would they be able to continue paying bills or would they face the prospect of losing their home? Would your spouse and your children be able to continue with the lifestyle they have been accustomed to? Will there be enough cash to take care of your funeral services.

We declare some  several characteristics you need to focus on when narrowing down your top life insurance companies to choose from:

  1. Financial Strength
  2. Type of Company
  3. Type of Agent
  4. Level of Service
  5. Premium
  6. Risk Tolerance
Life Insurance Companies

Life Insurance Companies

By 2009 those figures for the top 10 largest life insurance companies in the United States (based on sales) had changed to:

1/ Metlife – $41.1 billion
2/ New York Life Insurance – $34 billion
3/ Prudential Financial – $32.7 billion
4/ TIAA-CREF – $26.3 billion
5/ Massachusetts Mutual – $25.4 billion
6/ Northwestern Mutual – $21.6 billion
7/ AFLAC – $18.3 billion
8/ Unum Group – $10.1 billion
9/ Guardian Life – $10 billion
10/ Lincoln National – $9.1 billion

And by 2010 the top ten biggest life insurance companies in the US (again based on sales revenue) was as follows:

1/ MetLife – $52.7 billion
2/ Prudential Financial – $38.41
3/ New York Life Insurance – $34.94
4/ TIAA-CREF – $32.22
5/ Massachusetts Mutal Life Insurance – $25.64
6/ Northwestern Mutual – $23.38
7/ Aflac – $20.73
8/ Lincoln National – $10.41
9/ Unum Group – $10.19
10/ Genworth Financial – $10.08

Life Insurance Companies List in USA

Company A.M. Best Fitch Moody’s S&P
5Star A-
Accordia Life A- A-
Aetna A AA- A1 AA-
Aflac A+ AA- AA-
Allianz A+ A2 AA
Allstate A+ A1 A+
American General A- A+ A2 A+
American Income Life A+ A+ AA-
American National A- A+
Americo A-
Assurity A-
AXA/Equitable A+ AA- Aa3 A+
Baltimore Life B++
Bankers Life A- BBB+ Baa1 BBB+
Banner A+ AA-
Cincinnati Life A A+ A+
Colonial BB BBB Ba1 BB
Columbus Life A+ AA A3 AA
EquiTrust B++ BBB+
Farmers A A+ A
Fidelity A-
Foresters A
Forethought A- Baa1 A-
Genworth B++ Ba1 BB
Gerber A A
Globe A+ AA-
Guardian A++ AA+ Aa2 AA+
ING A A- A3 A-
John Hancock A+ AA- A1 AA-
Lincoln A+ A+ A1 AA-
Massachusetts Mutual A++ AA+ Aa2 AA+
MetLife A+ AA- Aa3 AA-
Minnesota Life A+ AA- Aa3 A+
Mutual of Omaha A+ A1 A+
Mutual Trust A- A
National Life Group A A2 A
National Western A A
Nationwide A+ A1 A+
New York Life A++ AAA Aaa AA+
North American A+ A+
Northwestern A++ AAA Aaa AA+
Pacific A+ A+ A1 A+
Primerica A+
Principal A+ AA- A1 A+
Protective A+ A- A2 AA-
Prudential A+ A+ A1 AA-
Royal Neighbors of America A-
Sagicor A-
State Farm A++ AA Aa1 AA+
Symetra A A+ A3 A
Transamerica A+ AA- A1 AA-
United Home Life A-
USAA A++ Aa1 AA+
Vantis A- BBB+
Life Insurance Companies

Life Insurance Companies

First We discuss About the insurance  and all list of the company details after that we discuss top 10 life insurance company in USA.Every Person check which insurance company  is batter and  also check agent type  and also check service level and premium and risk tolerance.This is five type also check every person.This top 10 insurance company also have this all type facility.


Based this five  and also have  experiences, financial ratings, reviews from customers and consumers, and overall product obtainable , below is our top 10 life insurance companies in America this year:

1.Northwestern Mutual
2.New York Life
3.Massachusetts Mutual

1.Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual is one of the top rated life insurance company for 2016.

All the consumers also see higher prices for term life and limited obtainable of product ,these two downfalls are masked by an institution with $220 billion in assets, a long standing history, a stout financial portfolio, and promising future.

Northwestern has been around for all over a century, providing some of the very most competitive permanent life insurance products in the entire industry.

2.New York Life

New York Life second place on our list of top ten life insurance companies.

Having been in business nearly 170 years, they are one of the longest standing life insurance companies in America. They, like Northwestern, have top of the charts scores from all four of the rating agencies who review financial institutions, putting them in elite company.

New York Life has a most excellent suite of exclusive products offered from their agents only, and expect to pay the price for the extra quality, brand, and benefits. They are also the underwriting institution behind the highly acclaimed AARP, one of the most recognized names for senior benefits.

Expect a superior product from this company who has offered dividends for over a century.


3.Massachusetts Mutual

Massachusetts Mutual, our third place contender for the year, is yet another life insurance company in our top three to be owned by its policyholders, and not by investors.

One of the larger companies we reviewed coming in over $500 billion in total assets, Mass Mutual has perfect ratings from all major rating agencies, with the exception of Moody’s, putting them among the strongest, financially stable life insurance companies in America.

Another reason Massachusetts Mutual is ranked so high this year is its focus not only only insurance, but financial planning. Many carriers have chosen to offer life insurance, but few have made such large strides as Mass in integrating insurance and investments together.


MetLife continues to be the largest provider of life insurance in the United States, but this was not enough to put them in the top 3 for the year 2016; simply being the largest life company is not enough.

The largest, most recognized name in life insurance, the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company brand is the giant of the industry. Since the civil war, MetLife has been offering life insurance to fit any budget, any business, or any need. Among these needs, other insurance products from dental to disability are available all under one roof.

Although it’s harder to get accepted with MetLife than many other companies, they offer a great lineup of products, including term, universal and whole. The ratings received by all four credit agencies are fantastic, and MetLife has secured “A” ratings across the board.

Metropolitan Life also has an affinity to working with those with specials needs, so consider this if it fits your criteria.


The go-to company for term life insurance in 2016, Banner has become one of the most aggressive insurers on pricing for the entire term market. They are hands down the best life insurance company for low prices on a term policy.

Although not a monster sized brand like many of its competitors, Banner is a long standing life insurance carrier who not only offers competitive premiums, but underwrites several very impaired risk categories most other life insurers shun.

$600 billion dollars of life insurance are currently in force with Banner Life, and they are housed in a financial conglomerate with nothing but “A” ratings from the agencies who rate them.

In addition to their term products, they offer very competitive universal life insurance options to fit the needs of the permanent insurance crowd. However, they don’t offer any true whole life products; they stick to what they know best.


Just outside the top 5 of our list, Transamerica is a century old life insurance company with a great group of product choices to meet any need.

Nearly famous for it’s prominence in the skyline of San Francisco alone, Bank of America’s purchase of Occidental and it’s re-branding to Transamerica has given the company new life since its inception more than 110 years ago. Today, they host “A” ratings from all four rating agencies.

Transamerica Life offers an excellent variety of life insurance, including term, universal, whole and accident. Outside of their insurance arm, there are additional resources for investments, if you so choose, where Transamerica and their subsidiaries are competitive.

Transamerica is also international.


Prudential is a household name, and their industry dominance and niche underwriting has gotten them into our top 10 best life insurance companies list this year.

Extremely successful in several smaller areas of life insurance, Prudential also has leveraged its brand to become a leader in the life insurance industry as a whole. This 140 year old financial institution is a premiere insurer, with ratings of “A” or better from all of the rating agencies. In competition with MetLife for most life insurance sold, Prudential did take home the highest in net premiums, topping $13 billion.

Although there is no whole life availability, Pru does have term, universal and indexed universal to fill their portfolio of products. Non-life insurance options include accident, critical illness, disability, and more.


Most highly recognized for its investment side, few realize how well Fidelity has moved up within the life insurance industry.

Although it’s toward the bottom of our best life insurance companies list, it has a special place among the graded life insurance niche, earning its spot in the overall category for 2016. Fidelity is responsible for new advances in the marketplace, including it’s hybrid life insurance product line.

The company itself is aged and well known, and has more than $100 million of in force life insurance policies. There are also term products, whole life, and no exam policies available through Fidelity. As the company continues to embrace change, look for them to rise more towards the top in the coming years.


Another rising company for life insurance is Principal, coming in at number nine on our list of top 10 life insurance carriers we reviewed.

Although it is more highly rated than some of our other companies on the list, including four ratings of “A” or better, Principal does not quite have the footprint yet of a best in class carrier.

One of the prime reasons Principal Life Group made our list was not only their host of term, universal and variable universal life products, but their no exam life insurance underwriting which allows consumers to purchase up to $1,000,000 in coverage, regardless of which type of insurance they choose. This doubles the industry allowance on death benefit amounts.


Squeaking into our list of best life insurance companies at number ten is Protective, a company many haven’t heard of just yet. Despite this, they have a dominant foothold within more than one sector of the life insurance industry.

For more than a century now, Protective Life has lived up to its name in protecting households and businesses all across the United States. With more than 5 subsidiaries, an international presence, four separate “A” ratings, and a huge number of policyholders, Protective is getting noticed for the first time in a major way.

You will have your pick of term life insurance, universal, or variable universal, where Protective is extremely price competitive. Especially with its universal products, Protective is one of the few companies who offers permanent insurance for all tiers of fully underwritten life insurance.

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